Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Blog

I suppose when people see this blog they are going to think just what is up with this gal. Well it's simple what's up with me, I'm a laid back 32 yo gal from Colorado that is into moons and celestial objects, fairies because after all they are real ;-), beagles because they are the coolest dogs ever in my humble opinion and several other things that will come out in later posts.

To give an insight into my life, as I said above I am a 32 yo gal living in Colorado. I've lived most of my life in Colorado, except for 5 years up in the Northwest in Washington. I enjoy Colorado it's a lovely state and people should come visit us. Oh dear that sounded like an ad, lol. I live with my family still. Until 7 years ago it was just my mom, my dad, and me. In 2001 my grandma moved here from Califronia due to her declining health so that she could be nearer to family members in case of emergencies. It became apparent after she moved her she was having problems with her memory. She was diagnosed with the on-set of Alzhemier's and Dementia. She lived with us until 2006, which is when she appeared to have a minor stroke and was taken to the hospital and later put into a care facility that is able to care for her in the manner that she needs for her Alzhemier's.

Also in 2006 my brother and his kids moved in with us due to his relationship ending. What an experience this has been. Only because growing up in this family there were only 3 kids and 2 parents. So all in all a total of 5 people. With the addition of my brother's kids, he has 3, it's a total of 7. It is a little harrowing at times but that is what family is about caring for the loved ones through thick and thin.

So that is just a little bit into my life, next time I might go into more depth. Or, I just might go to a whole nother subject. That's the beauty of this blog it will be a mosh pit of ideas and whatnots.