Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beading It's The Sane Thing To Do.........Or Is It?

Some might say that beading is addictive, I would have to agree. Last year I went on a beading frenzy. Here are a few things I beaded:

Here are two beaded Christmas ornaments that I worked on last year and they were put onto the tree to hang for the season. I was able to get a picture of them before putting them away for the year. The purple ball is covered in light Lilac colored glass beads and a mottled purple natural stone I believe.

The gold ornament is covered with pink and gray opaque beads. I believe this turned out rather nice as it let the ornament underneath shine. I'm going to put some dangles on this ornament to spice it up. It needs a bit of length to it, not much but some.

I also made the above ornament for my nephew's Christmas gift to his teacher as a flat piece. It is a very versatile pattern to use.

I made a ornament for my 4 yo niece's teacher also. It was a bit more colorful, lol. This is called a Mandala stitch.

I enjoy all types of beading and stitching. I think they are great complements to each other. Be it cross stitching and adding beads for sparkles, or if it's on a sewn piece for a doll such as my Dottie doll I beaded for a challenge for my local EGA guild. We had a piece of fabric that we needed to make into something then take back to the first meeting after our summer break which would have been September 2008. My cloth was a red paisley and my mom made the doll form for me and I stuffed her and then beaded her. Her front had very few beads on it but it did have a piece of Hardanger which my mom did but I also enjoy doing. Her back was a better place to put the beads because there was more places to bead. I also had these long bugle beads that are 1 1/2 inches long or so. They made for a great skirt which I laddered stitched so that they wouldn't fall off easily.

Well as you can see I have had some fun for now. I will be back with more later :-)

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Lori said...

Love your beaded ornaments Moonchild! and your Dottee doll is so cute! you are right, beading is addictive!
thank you for following my blog!