Friday, April 17, 2009

Pay It Forward

Well I just realized something. I signed up for a Pay It Forward on Beatrice's Stitching With A View Blog. I did this more than a month ago. I just re-read the rules and noticed that I was to blog about it on my blog. My apologies to you Beatrice for my oversight on this matter. So here are the rules for the PIF from Beatrice's blog:

This is the way it goes...
The first 5... yes five... people to comment on this post only...Will receive a gift stitched by me.

There is a CATCH.. PIF

1-You MUST do the same... post this on "Your blog" and pass on to FIVE folks as well.
2-You will receive this gift within the year...mind you mine will be ready soon.
3- I'm getting ready to start stitching my gifts to the 5 people.
4- If you don't want to Pass It Forward please leave the space for someone who would like too.
5- It MUST be something hand made by you. Your choice of course! No pressure!

Keep On Stitchin'...


PomieMommie said...

I think a PIF is a wonderful idea! I will post it on my blog also. I am learning to tat, so now I have something I can pass on to tohers! thanks for the idea. All the best.

Beatrice said...

This is a fun way to stitch for others...Yours is in the mail!

Claudia E said...

I think that the PIF is a great thing! I had been looking for one I could get in on, and this seems perfect! Plus, who doesn't like stitching things for other people to enjoy!

Kim from Oz said...

Have never heard of this before...:)) what a neat idea to spread the word on stitching.

mini hugs