Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beagle Puppies Have Arrived

Well y'all Lacey went into labor yesterday morning at 12 am and had two pups by 2:30 am. Then she proceeded to have nothing for the next several hours. I ended up calling the ER vets here roughly 2 hours after her last pup was born. They told me I could either bring her in there and see what was up or I could wait until my regular vet was open. Needless to say I waited until my regular vet opened up as I know that an ER visit is expensive for a dog just like a human. I called mom and dad at 7 am my time as it would be 9 am there I could have been earlier I'm not sure. Dad told me to wait to see my regular vet also.

At 8 am (roughly 6 hours now) I called my regular vet and was there by 840 via my next door neighbor. My regular vet's partner was there and she gave a dose of Oxytoxin to induce labor. Within 5 or 10 minutes I could see that Lacey was having active contractions now. After 15 minutes from the 1st shot the vet gave her another. Needless to say after an hour of waiting Lacey still had not had another pup. So the vet prepared me for her to have a C-section (had already thought it would happen). I left with my neighbor and came home and crashed. I got a call from the vet at roughly 11 yesterday morning just as they were going to prep her for the surgery she had 3 puppies. 2 were stillborn and 1 was alive. Yay, so they opted to let nature take it's course even more as need be. Well at roughly 2 pm yesterday vet calls again and she said nothing had happened so they were definitely going to prep her for the C-section. They did the C-section and she had another 4 puppies in her. 2 were alive. While the vet was preforming the C-section she found out that Lacey had a tear in the uterus and it was irreparable and went ahead and spayed her too. So she ended up with 5 puppies, 1 male and 4 females.

I went to pick her up with my neighbor and got a call from the vet Lacey's not coming around from the surgery like they like and they would like to keep her over night to monitor her. I went and saw her anyways as we were close to the vet. I get there and she looked so sad and doped up. I then proceed to tell the vet about a pup I had sold that had been bred once and then spayed herself, didn't do well with the medicine and needed to have a blood transfusion. The vet assured me that all this was, was shock from the surgery (I had a feeling it wasn‘t but went along with her). So off I go home. Bam I get home and I get a call from the vet, "We checked Lacey's blood and she's in the 12% range and should be in a 30 - 45 % range on blood count. She needs a transfusion." So they transferred her up to the ER vet and they kept her overnight. Gave her the blood transfusion and the would call me if anything went wrong. I didn't sleep a wink last night in anticipation of a call. Well no call came and we headed up the freeway to find the ER vet. Found them and then took her back to the vet so that they could monitor her a little today. I just called my vet and she gets to come home today. I'm so happy. I've seen it all with my dog's pregnancies.

I'll post pics of the pups as soon as I can on my blog.


Skye said...

Congratulations Moon and Lacey!!!! You've both have been through so much and I'm very happy all of you are doing great..Can't wait to see pics of the puppies..Very glad to hear all is going smoothly now...hugs, Skye

Karan said...

Poor Lacy, sounds traumatic. Congratulations though - hope Mum recovers well & puppies are doing fine. :0)

EvalinaMaria said...

O, dear Lacy, so much suffering! Congrats on puppies. Do you have pictures of Lacy. I bet she is adorable. I was own by a beagle girl, here are her pictures:

Kathy said...

Poor baby. All that trouble and stress but I am glad she will be okay. I am sure she will be happy to be home. And so will you. She has how many live?

I hope all goes well from here with the momma and new babies. I can't wait to see photos.