Friday, March 4, 2011

Frog Exchange

I belong to the I Love Cross Stitch yahoo group (<--Click on I Love Cross Stitch to go to the ILCS group site). Recently, they lost a long time member named Rene. In honor of her memory they decided to hold a froggy exchange, she loved frogs :-). It could be anything that was small; a bookmark, scissor's fob, needlekeep, etc. I looked on the internet and I found on-line a free pattern for a frog biscornu (<--Click on Frog Biscornu for a link to the site of the pattern). I selected that as my pattern before knowing who I was going to end up with in the exchange, fortunately, I ended up with Mel from Calgary (<--Click on Mel from Calgary to go to her blog). She didn't have a preference for the finished product, whew. We also were to include 3 specialty threads in the package. I chose a silk thread from Thread Gatherer's in orange overdyes, Weeks Dye works Violet, and a Rainbow Gallery Pebbly Perle. I thouroughly enjoyed this exchange and am glad that it arrived safely in Calgary after the weather we had experienced here in Colorado. Well here are the pictures of the items:

The Threads

The Frontside of the Biscornu

The Backside of the Biscornu

Keep On Stitchin'....

Edite on 3/4/11


Meari said...

You did a great exchange! Rene would be proud :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little late but your biscornu is adorable the stitching is wonderful. I fell in love with the frogs and was
I was hoping maybe you could share the web site you got the chart from. TIA

Karan said...

Love the biscornu & gorgeous threads - lucky recipient. :0)

Heather's Stitching Story said...

Lovely biscornu and threads. Sorry to hear of the forums loss. Lovely idea for the exchange.


PS when you are not looking I am going to pinch your threads :-P

loretta said...

What a wonderful way to honor the memory of a stitcher! The froggie biscornu is beautiful :)