Wednesday, September 19, 2012


After some time away for personal reasons, I have decided to post what I've been doing the past few months. It will be a picture heavy post. All of these pieces that follow I placed on the same fabric so that I could get as much use out of it as possible and not waste any.

A round doily

An oval doily
A cross shaped ornament
A dimond shaped ornament

A diamond shaped doily and the biggest piece I've made to date.
The large doily is actually the piece I started stitching on about 10 years ago or so. So it's dead cener in the fabric. The reason it's taken me so long to get it completely stitched and ready to be cut out is that I lost the piece for roughly 7 years. Then it was a matter of finding pieces that would fit the blank areas in the fabric to fill it up. The first one to be chosen by myself and my mom was the oval doily, then the two ornaments and finally the round doily. After I was done with the stitching it was time to wash it so that the fabric would shrink a little and be safe to wash at a later date due to getting dirty. Plus, it was uber dirty from being handled for so long in stitching of the various pieces. After it was washed and dried I ironed the piece. Then it was time to decide which piece to cut out first. So, being that it's been a while since I'd actually done any cutting on a Hardanger piece I went with the option of doing the two ornaments first.

So that meant putting star beads onto the cross shaped ornament:

As you can see at the top point I put an eyelet so that a ribbon could be passed through for easy hanging.  I did that before completely cutting it out.
The diamond shaped ornament I a new filling to me.  It's woven and wrapped bars.  It's also known as a Maltese Cross.  I'm rather happy with the way it turned out and will be trying it again in the future.
Then it was onto the oval doily.

I don't have a picture of it at this time, I will find it and insert later, lol. Now I'm onto the round doily. Here are some pictures of it at this time.
I still have to "leaves" to cut out and weave then it's onto completely cutting it out and I will post a picture at that time. Keep on stitchin'...

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