Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wow...what one can accomplish in 6 days or less....

So, I've done a fair amount of weaving on my Hardanger piece. It's going fairly quickly because for the moment Mom and I are sharing my computer. She gets it during the day and I get it at night. Mom is of course jealous that I'm getting to stitch, I just shake my head and say "You can stitch just give up the computer." She just shakes her head at that suggestion, lol. But as promised here are progression pictures of the piece:

As you can see in the piece I've got some real good looking Dove's eyes and some what I consider not so good looking ones. I'm hoping to improve enough on this filling stitch to move onto a different stitch on future projects. Perhaps taking up the Maltese Cross or *shudders* perhaps the Picot. The world of possiblities are endless and I mean to explore ever single option for Hardanger filling stitches eventually.

Keep On Stitchin'...

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