Thursday, May 7, 2009

My PIF Arrived

Yay. My PIF arrived. It is so pretty and is just delightful. Here is a picture of it:

It is hanging in a place of honor in my home.

I still have 3 places for the PIF I must send out. Here's the date of mine April 27, 2009 post. Click the date to jump to the post to sign up :-).

I will be posting soon as I have some finishes to show. One's a Mother's Day present and as my mom reads my blog I can't show it yet >.<. Until then remember...

Keep On Stitchin'...


Mylene said...

What a beautiful piece! Enjoy!!

Karan said...

Very pretty PIF gift. :0)

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful PIF!!
Great blog and beautiful stitching:)

Beatrice said...

I'm glad you got it safe and sound.
Enjoy it. I had fun stitching it for you!
My server has been down for over a week.
Take care!