Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beads -- The Ultimate Eye Candy

Well I must say I do like to do many different types of needlecrafts, for example, Hardanger, Cross Stitching, Needlepointing, and Beading. My mom was kind enough to foward me an email in January regarding an online store that was discontinuing it's beads. I went gun ho on what I wanted to order and wound up with a whopping $600+ order. What can I say, I had fun looking at the beads and what I might want. Needless to say I didn't buy that cartful, lol. I whittled my order down to a much more reasonable price for me. I ordered on January 11 and I realized then that with this sale they were doing it would take a few days to process the order and mail it to me. I didn't expect it to take until now to get my order though. However, I am happy with what I got today in the mail, hehe. Not only did I buy for myself, I also bought some beads for my mom.

These are the only seed beads I got.

I can see doing a variety of Christmas ornaments or using them in Crazy Quilting. It's a nice deep pink that could go as red if you choose to see it that way. I'm picturing in my mind the ornament I want to create with them, lol.

This is the 1st dolphin I purchased.

This was the last of this type of dolphin this company had. I can honestly say I wish they had more. I purchased this for my mom. She is thinking of doing a Crazy Quilt with an under the water theme. I love the colors of this dolphin.

This was the 2nd dolphin I purchased.

I love the colors on this dolphin also. Also purchased for my mom in regards to her under the water Crazy Quilt.

The red Sea Horse I purchased.

He's not as colorfully as I might have liked but I do like his colors. Also purchased for my mom for her Crazy Quilt.

The blue Sea Horse I purchased.

As with the first dolphin that is pictured on here, this sea horse was the last of it's kind that the company had. I wish they had more because this bead has colors on both sides that you really could have a hard time deciding which side should be up and which should be down. Purchased for my mom but I may keep him and make a suncatcher out of him with beads to pull in the colors that he has so that we don't have to make the decision of which side not to show.

One of the moons I purchased.

Now if you haven't figured out yet, I LOVE moons. In fact, I like all things celestial with an emphasis on moons. I mean I collect moons. I have a lot of bookmarks that feature the moon or sayings for the moon. So I supposed it was appropriate for this comapny to have moon beads, muhahahaha. Yes, this is what I purchased for myself. My mom may only touch them if she puts them onto a Crazy Quilt for me. A celestial themed one of course, lol . The pictures really don't do justice to the bead. They are simply gorgeous.

The other moon I purchased.

Keep On Stitchin'...

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