Monday, February 16, 2009

Well I've done myself proud. I completed a stitchery project in the year I started it. This hasn't happened in a long time, lol. I take that back my previous Hardanger project I blogged about I'm done stitching it completely, including the Woven Bars and Dove's Eyes. I'm now cutting it out along the buttonhole, when that's done I'll post a picture of it. But I ramble :-).

This is a Freebie from Stickfee. I loved the design of it, but I changed the verse, lol. I didn't stitch with DMC #498 Dark Christmas Red it called for , I used Au Ver A Soir #946 a similiar Dark Red color. I also didn't do the backstitch in the red I used DMC #3371 a nice Chocolate Brown. Heck I just like to change patterns to suit me sometimes, lol. Who doesn't? Now my mother and I have to figure out what to make out of it. I'm open to suggestions. I thought a pillow would be nice, my mom thinks a box top or needle book cover. Hmmmmm....I really don't want to frame the piece as I think it needs to be felt to be appreciated.

I hadn't been in the stitching mood recently. However, when I got onto Blogger and began to find all of the stitchery blogs..I got inspired again. So thank you to all those blogs out there that are inspirations to us that might not stitch as fervently as you do and remember to

Keep on Stitchin'....

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