Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flower Language

Since this is one of the biggest months for floral bouquets, it is time to read up on what flowers mean. In the picture above there are Morning Glorys. They mean affection. A very appropriate meaning if you ask me :-).

It intrigues me that flowers have a language all of their own. Everyone assumes that roses mean love but the color of the rose itself also means something. For example a white rose has the meaning of eternal love, innocence, heavenly, secrecy and silence. While the red rose, depending on the deepness of color, has different meanings. This goes for all colors of the rose.

I wish the guys I know today would look up what the meanings were. Have you ever seen Kate & Leopold, a movie starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. Well in this movie Mr. Jackman plays a duke from the 19th century pulled into the present and falls in love with Ms. Ryan's character. During one of the scenes Mr. Jackman helps out Ms. Ryan's brother to pick out flowers, for his love interest. The proper gentleman (Mr. Jackman) from the Victorian Age proceeds to tell the brother what all the meanings of the flowers are in the store bunch that the present guy picks up. After telling the brother that, Mr. Jackman puts down the store bunch and puts together a bouquet that in a couple of scenes later you find out the brother's love interest just loved the bouquet because it spoke to her. Just imagine getting the perfect bouquet that says to you "I love you eternally" from that special guy in your life.

Here are a few links to sites that have the meanings of the flowers on them:

The Language of Flowers - What they mean
The history and language of FLOWERS and herbs - origins and meanings!
The Language of Flowers

Well there's another reason I wanted to write about this subject. For all the cross-stitchers, embroiderer's, and crazy quilters out there be careful of the flowers you put onto a project, you don't want to convey the wrong meaning. Lol. Just kidding. You can put any flower you want into your work. Maybe this will intrigue you enough to look up what a flower means for fun. If you are doing a round robin you could include that in the journal that may come around with the piece. Just think of all those pieces from long ago done by young ladies and what hidden meanings may be in them just from the flowers alone.

I still love flowers no matter what one may mean.

Keep on Stitchin'....

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